Sunday, April 11, 2010

I am Baaaaack!

From Vacation! And starting Tomorrow! I am getting serious about this obesity thing!!(ha. how many times have you heard me say that!?) In the hotel I was staying at, tucked away under the sink was a friggin scale! Yup just what I needed while on vacation! Grrrr... I stepped on it and lets just get it out there now! I am back to the weight I was at in January and while Iam not suprised it STILL stings! 2...3...0...!!!!! =(


Anywhoodle I have a menu for this week from my brain AND from my Hungry Girl Recipe Book! I have lunches and breakfast items andd tomorrow I am getting my a** out of bed & going to the gym that place is is going to be my BFF for awhile! A pricey bff at that! =D


Keelie said...

I will happen when you are good and ready:)

You look beautiful in the photo!

Irresistible♥Icing said...

Stay focused. Once your mind decides you want this more than anything else, it will happen. It's such a mind game :)

The Non-Student said...

Try not to get discouraged. And also, I always gain a few pounds of water weight on vacation, so you may find a few of those pounds come right off once you're back in a routine. Keep your chin up!

Tamela said...

I feel like I am constantly saying I am going to do it this time! Just remember how great it felt to fit in that size 12!


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