Sunday, February 28, 2010

2.28.10~ Weigh In #2 Vlog!

Starting Weight(1/4)= 230
Last Weeks Weight= 222.8
Current Weight= 223.0
loss/gain= +.2

2.28.10~ Healthy "drank" ;)

~ Bagel Thin(1), 3/4 c egg substitute(2), 1/2 slice of fat free cheese(.5), 2 slices of 97% fat free ham(0)

~ 1 Mango(2)

~ Sandwich- 3 slices of 98% fat free chicken slices(1), 2 slices 45 cal bread(1), Fat Free Mayo(0), Mustard(0), Lettuce(0),Tomato(0), 1/2 slice fat free cheese(.5)
~9 pretzels(2)

~Sugar free chocolate pudding(1)
~1 light string cheese(1)

~Twice Baked Potato- Large potato(3), 1/2 c Green giant low fat  broccoli & cheddar(0), 2 tbsp fat free sour cream(1), 1/4 c fat free milk(0),2 oz 93/7 ground beef(2)
~Hungry Girl Slammin Slimmed-Down Strawberry Daiquiri(2)(SO YUMMY!!)

~20 Shrimp(3)

Points Used= 23
Points Left= 6

Hungry Girl Slammin Slimmed-Down Strawberry Daiquiri
~1 1/2 oz rum
~1 packet(two 5-calorie servings) sugar free powdered drink mix(any strawberry blend)
~3 fr1ozen Strawberries
~1 tbsp lime juice
~1 cup crushed ice or 5 to 8 ice cubes

Dissolve drink mix in 1/2 cup of water.
In a blender, combine drink mixture with all other ingrediaents. Blend to desired consistency.
Pour and enjoy!! =D

Friday, February 26, 2010

2.26.10~ Happy Friday!!!

Today was the best day of the week!!! Being friday of course it was :) I made some GREAT choices. Honestly I was really tempted to have some jack in the box & not just a happy meal!! I wanted to P.I.G. Out!! But I stopped had a bagel thin with cream cheese and seriously thought about the feeling afterwards, the tummy ache, the guilt and the POINTS! And I said no! So the bf made me a sandwich :) kudos to me!!!

~ Venti Skinny Hazelnut Latte(3)
~ 2 scrambled eggs(4)

~Nutty Bar(2)

~Sandwich-2 slices of 45 cal bread(1),3 slices 98% fat free turkey(1),1 slice of fat free cheese(1), lettuce(0),Tomato(0)
~Doritos 100 Calorie Pack(3)

~ Bagel thin(1) w/ 1 tbsp fat free cream cheese(0)

~ Chicken Tacos- 2 yellow corn tortillas(2),1/4 c. fat free cheese(1),1 tbsp fat free sour cream(0),Shredded Lettuce(0),Salsa(0),3 oz shredded chicken(3)
~1 cup pinto beans(4)

~Nutty Bar(2)

Total points used= 28
Points Left=1

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Today was awful. Work was rough on me & AF is still causing havoc. Needless to say, I F*cked up. It all started this morning at Starbucks, I ordered a breakfast sandwich and gobbled it up then I got work and went online to get the nutrition facts, after I put my eyeballs back in my head and pointed it TWELVE!!!! Aaaaahhhh I totally thought it was all reduced like the turkey one, NOPE its full fat low fiber high cal just awful! As the day went on It got worse I inhaled a donut and my lunch and then dinner. I should be taking my lard a** to the gym right now!!! Anyway I documented and pointed so let's move on tomorrow I have 29 pts all over again :)

~Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte(3)
~Egg & Sausage Sandwich(12)


~Lean Cuisine Quesidilla(6)
~Sugar Free Choc Pudding(1)
~100 Calorie Doritos Pack(3)
~Weight Watchers Peanut Butter ~Crunch(1)

~2 1/2 Cups of Shrimp(5)
~1 cup white rice(4)

Points Left= 0
Allowance Points= 20 of 35

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2.24.10~ 2 Latte Kind of Day

So I made it to the gym...BUT ten minutes later I LEFT! I had horrible cramps and a huge headache and I was just goofing off, so at the risk of hurting myself I ran away and staright to starbucks where the bf treated me to a latte & oatmeal =D

~ Venti Skinny Hazelnut Latte(3)
~Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal(3)

~ Nutty Bar(2)

~Grilled Cheese( 2 slices of 45 calorie bread + 1 slice of fat free cheese toasted)(2)
~Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding(1)
~Original Lays Potato Chips(5)
~24 Special K Crackers(2) with 1 wedge of laughing cow(1)

~ Hamburger-4oz 80/20 beef(4),1 slice of fat free cheese(1),Sandwich Thin(1) (6)
~1 cup of zucchini in tomato sauce(1)

~Grande Skinny Hazelnut Latte(2)
~ 1 weight watchers peanut butter crunch candy piece(1)

Total Points Used= 29
Total Points Left= 0

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2.23.10~ Ugh.

I didnt work out today. I am a hot mess, I not feeling well at all. But I am keeping up on my weight watchers program. =D


~ Tangerine(0)
~ Raisin & Spice oatmeal(3)

~1/2 Hostess Cupcake(2)
~ 1 flourless chocolate walnut cookie(2)

~ Lean Cuisine(6)
~Sugar Free Choc Pudding(1)
~Light string cheese(1)

~ 100 Calorie Oreo Thins(2)

~ 2 pita pizzas(2 pita loaves(5) 1/2 cup pizza sauce(0), 1/4 cup fat free cheese(2),1 serving Turkey Pepporoni(2)
~1 1/2 Cup Peas(2)

Total Points Used=29
Total Points Left=0

Monday, February 22, 2010

2.22.10~ Feeling Mucho No Bueno =(

Last night was terrible, my stomach had it out for me and I didnt get to sleep until midnight and if you know me at all you know that is horribly late for me since I am usually up at 4ish in the am. This morning I dragged  myself out of bed put on some coffee, packed a lunch, made breakfast and headed to the gym. Much to the bfs dismay we were late. Because of me. I am sorry that I was near death sick all last night and dragging ass this morning, at least a packed a friggin lunch and made a friggin breakfast! Sheesh! Anyway he sure did make it up to me by picking up sushi for dinner so I wouldnt have to cook in all of my discomfort! Thats Love.

~ Egg Sandwich- bagel thin(1), slice of  deli  97% fat free turkey meat(.5),1/2 c. egg sub(1), and 1/2 slice of fat free cheese(.5)
~Coffee with 2 tbsp fat free vanilla creamer(1)

~ Honey Graham Granola Bar(2)

~Smart One(5)
~Sugar Free pudding(1)
~Light String Cheese(1)

~100 calorie pack of Oreo Thins(2)

~ 8 pc Tempura California Roll(12)

~2 yellow corn tortillas(2) 1 tsp I can't believe Its Not Butter(1)

~1 slice of wheat bread(1)
~2 tbsp peanut butter(5)
I clearly turned into a carb craving freak!! Allowance points here I come!!!

Total Points= 29
Points Left= 0
Total Allowance Points Used= 8 of 35

Now excuse me while I curl up with my heating pad, my the bfs snuggie, and my blackberry.

P.S. Thank you SO much for all the sweet comments on my vlog! I was very encouraged and cant wait to do it again =D

Sunday, February 21, 2010

1st Vlog!!! Weigh in & 2.21.10 =D

So for those of you that didnt/couldnt watch my 1st vlog it basically says I am down 4 pounds!!! Yay me!!

Starting Weight(as of 1.4.10)= 230
Last Week Weight= 226.8
Current Weight= 222.8
gain/loss= -4
total= -7.2  

~ 1/2 c egg beaters(1) and a lil "real" egg(1) mixed with 2 slices of Turkey Bacon(2)
~Bagel Thin(1) 1 tbsp fat free cream Cheese(0)

Total Points=5

1 light string cheese(1)

~Tuna made with fat free mayo, shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, and mustard(2) on 2 slice of 45 calorie bread(1)
~9 pretzels which is 1 serving(2)

Total points= 5

~5 Hungry Girl Jalapeno Swappers (2)
~ 2 Hungry Girl Lean Bean 'n Cheese Enchiladas(7)

Total Points= 9

~ Nutrageous Bar(4)

Total Points Used= 24
Total Left= 5

Saturday, February 20, 2010

2.20.10~ Motivated! =D

This morning I woke up and made a delicious breakfast for the BF and I and then I went to the gym. I am so proud of myself because the BF is sick and he couldnt go, but I went anyway and thats huge for me we ALWAYS go together. This is just one more thing that tells me things are SO much different this time around and I love it! Its excites me! =D and tomorrow is the BIG day! The day I see if all my hard work has paid off, WEIGH IN!! aaaaaahhhhh even though I followed the plan to a T and worked out 4 days out of the week I am having visions of seeing the words HAHA on the scale lol Its terrifying. I will post good or bad =D

~ 1/2 Cup Egg Substitute(1) mixed with 1oz of turkey sausage(1)
~ Alternative Onion Bagel(1) 2 tbsp fat free cream cheese(1)

~1 can Progresso Light soup meatball and noodles(3)
~Grilled Cheese~ 2 slices 45 cal bread(1), 1 slice fat free cheese(1)

~ 1 cup of Strawberries(1)

~Chicken Sandwich 4oz Skinless Boneless Chicken(4) 1/2 Avocado(4) 1 tsp Fat Free Mayo, Mustard, Ketchup(0) 1/2 Slice Fat Free Cheese(.5)
~1 cup Broccoli Cheddar Rice(4)

Points used= 22.5
Points Left= 6.5

I am thinking about having a Hungry Girl GINORMOUS CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM SHAKE Worth 4 points =D

Friday, February 19, 2010

2.19.10~ Sweets are my weakness!

Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte(3)
Rasin & Spice Oatmeal(3)

Fun Size Snickers(2)

Smart One- Baked Ziti(5)
100 Calorie Nutty Bar(2)
Light String Cheese(1)

Spaghetti w/ Turkey Sausage- 3oz Spaghetti(4), 2oz Turkey Sausage(2), 1/2 cup light Ragu(1)

6 Special K Multigrain Crackers(1) w/ less than half of Laughing Cow Cheese-(1)
Alternative Onion Bagel(1) w/ 2 tbsp fat free cream cheese(1)

Points Used= 32
Points Left= -3
Weekly Allowance Points Left= 25 of 35 =D

Apparently I had a lil problem with treats today! But whatevs I counted it and I am within my points so BACK OFF! =D

Weigh in is Sunday! aaaaaahhhhh How are you gals/guys doin!?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

2.18.10~ Is it Friday Yet!?

I didnt get to the gym this morning because well the BF was sick last night and this morning he told me he couldnt go to the gym so I felt it was my GF duty to stay in bed and cuddle his face off to keep him warm & help him feel better.......Hows that for an excuse!? NO!? Well Ive got TONS more...It was too cold....I am sleepy....I'll go later...TRUST ME I can keep going lol but I wont =D Tomorrow I am back me & my big tush.

Venti Skinny Hazelnut Latte(3)
Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal(3)

Points Used=6

Bologna Sandwich~ Sandwich Thin(1), 98% Fat Free Bologna(1), Fat Free Cheese Slice(1), Fat Free Mayo(0), Lettuce(0), Tomato(0)
2 cups of Strawberries(2)
Light String Cheese(1)
Nutty Bar(2)
3 MultiGrain Crackers(2) 1/2 Light Laughing Cow Cheese(1)

Points Used=11


2 Pita Pizza's~ 2 whole wheat pitas(6), 1/2 cup of pizza sauce(1), 1/3 cup Mozzarella cheese(2), 17 turkey pepperoni slices(2)

Points Used=11
Points Left= 2

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2.17.10~ I am Getting The Hang Of This!

The thing I LOVE about Weight Watchers is that you can eat ANYTHING you want! As long as you point it! So then you are just left with IS IT WORTH THE POINTS?!? and today my half of a glazed donut was totally worth 3 points!! =D I also am SO excited that I have been in the gym by 5am for the last 3 days in a row! for at the very least 30 minutes YAYA! =D Usually I do Monday, & Tuesday and then I am over it. BUT not this week :o)

~Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte(3)
~Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal w/ brown sugar(3)

~Light String Cheese(1)

(I forgot a pic! But it looks the same as yesterdays except my smart one was a different flavor!)
~Smart One Chicken Alfredo(5)
~Nutty Bar(2)

~1/2 glazed donut(3)

~Chicken Sandwich- Chicken(5) 1/2 Slice of fat free cheese(.5)Avocado(4)Spinach(0)1 tsp fat free mayo(0)Sandwich Thin(1)
~1 c. 98% fat free Baked Beans(2)

Total Points Used= 31.5
Points Left= 0!!
Dipped into 2.5 allowance points
(Out of 35 weekly Ive used 4! So I still have some room for treats =D)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2.16.10~ =D

Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte(3)
2 Hard Boiled Eggs(4)
.3/4 oz cheese(2)
2 Saltines(.5)

Smart One(3)
Nutty Bar(2)

3 Hungry Girl Taquitos(6) (YUMMY!!)

3/4 c. Pinto Beans(2)

Points Left=.5

I went to the gym this morning and did 30 minutes on the treadmill. YAY ME. I also  heard its good to use every single point and believe me I am =D I usually have an evening snack after I post this(obviously I am going to have to dip into those lovely allowance points today!!) =D

Monday, February 15, 2010

2.15.10~ I love days off! =D

~ Egg Sandwich- 1/2 c. of egg beaters(1) 1/2 slice of fat free cheese(0) Alternative Onion Bagel (1) 1/2 Large Orange(.5)

~ Cup of coffee w/ fat free vanilla creamer(1) and splenda(0)

Total Points= 3.5

The orange topped off my hunger. I was honestly satisfied after this breakfast. Then I was off to the Gym and I totally burned of every calorie I had just ate (35 minutes on treadmill) Yaya! =D

~Subway Ham Salad- Lettuce, Spinach, Tomato, Cucumbers, Pickels, Ham, 1/4 avocado (that greedy troll!) 2 tbsp Fat Free Honey Mustard( I am being generous I blotted half of it off)

Total Points= 4.5

~ 100 calorie pack of fudge cookies (2) and totally worth it! =D

Points Left= 19

~Crispy Chicken Sandwich from Hungry Girls 200 recipes under 200 cals 4oz boneless skinless chicken(4),lettuce(0),tomato(0),1/2 slice fat free cheese(.5),2tbsp fat free mayo(0), 100 cal sandwich thin(1)
~Green Giant Potatoes & green beans 80 cal per serving (1)

Total Points 8
Points Left= 11

~2 cups of Lucky Charms w/ 1/2 cup of Skim Milk(5)

Points Left= 6

I am very pleased with my choices today!! I am confident this is going to be a good week! Hope yours is too =D

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Little of This, A Little of That

Hey! I dont really want to log all the crap I ate today!! Lets just say I ate waaaaaaay to much and now my tummy is making me pay for it!!! Was it worth it!?! You betcha lol

Tomorrow is a new day & my 1st day of Weight Watchers! and yes this is my 100th time for those of you rolling your eyes and making fun! I am a weight watchers repeat offender!!! AND!?! Ok moving on, WW is currently offering FREE Registration and I had 12 bucks to spare =D I am so excited to see what I am made of! I am not a big fan of the teacher/leader or my fellow classmates especially the ones that are stick thin and complain about the extra M&M they had! I must look like Orca to them! ahahahah ok enough of that this is about me and not them! I am doing this for ME!

Wish Me LUCK!!! =D

Oh and I want to put up some blog links on my sidebar of ladies who are going through the same weight loss stuff I am. SO if you want to be linked up and given some love email me @ Nicoley2002 at gmail dot com (Ive seen people do this, not sure why but, I wanted to be cool too!! lol)

OK I think I am done. Have a great week everyone! =D

Saturday, February 13, 2010

2.12.10~ Souplantation love =D

So the morning after I didnt have any dinner, the lovely bf brought me home some Jack In The Box.
They sure are greedy or I was just WAY hungry lol.

~Chorizo Burrito

I LOVE Souplantation!
~Salad with all kinds of yummy
~Spaghetti(it was bland so I only had a few bites) 2 Pizza rectangles and cheese bread rectangles mini muffin w/ butter
~ Fat Free Vanilla Frozen Yogurt with a mini brownie, and crumbled cookies, choc syrup.

This place is supposed to be healthy! only I could make it not so much! lol

We got this ready made dinner form the grocery store and it was terrible.

~Fully Loaded Mashed Potatoes


Friday, February 12, 2010

2.11.10~ Things dont always go as planned.

~ Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte
~ Breakfast sandwich (whole grain bread, egg whites, cheese, and reduced fat turkey bacon

~ Mango Mantra (light)
~Popchips(Yuuuuuuuumy!!!!) only 100 cal and 3g fat =D

Yup no pic= no dinner! I had planned on going to IHOP after watching The Color Purple Musical with my mom but by the time we got around one it was almost midnight =( SO I ate nothing. SO you get a pic of my mommy and I instead!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2.10.10~ Dont Look!

It wasnt very bright but I HAD to get SOME kind of record! The BF made me breakfast!

~ Eggs (not sure if the were egg sub)
~Lil avocado
~Fat Free Canned Cubed potato thingies(yum)
~Piece of bread with I cant believe its not butter sprays
~ AND of course a Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte

Taco Bell
~ Fresco Bean Burrito
~2 Fresco Soft Tacos

DONT LOOOOOOK!!!!!!!!!!! =(

Clearly I didnt go to the market and my lazy self got the best of me and I ordered pizza!

It was oh so yummy.
~ 3 stuffed crust meat trio slices
~4 bone out honey bbq wings

Tomorrow is another day! =D

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2.9.10~ Rainy days make me Lazy

~Venti Skinny Hazelnut Latte
~ Bagel w/ Cream Cheese

Late pic! But I kept getting one patient after another and by the time I was free to eat I nearly inhaled it!
~Smart One{Baked Ziti}
~Fat Free slice of cheese melted in between to slices of wheat bread
~Light String Cheese
~100 cal Nutty Bar
~Apples and PB
It was a 2 latte kind of day aka my day was CRAPTASTIC

~ Grande Nonfat Caramel Macc
I threw whatever we had together and cooked it. (payday was today so no groceries until tomm)

~Medium sized Flour Tortilla, 80/20 beef, guac,salsa,sour cream, and pinto beans

I had 2.

My tummy has been on the fritz lately. I m convinced I have IBS (tmi?) Stress, foods, certain smells all send me running for you know where. Ok I am done SORRY! lol

Monday, February 8, 2010

2.8.10~ Back On Track!

Today I was up @ 4:30 AM! and made lunches for the BF & I and headed off to the gym & did 30 minutes on the treadmill.

Today I also skipped my lunchtime soda and stuck with H20! Yay me =D

What I ate:

~Venti Skinny Hazelnut Latte
~.3/4 oz Cheddar Cheese
~2 Saltine Crackers
~2 hard boiled eggs

~Sandwich- Wheat bread, 98% fat free bologna, slice of fat free cheese, fat free mayo, & mustard.
~Light String Cheese
~100 cal Nutty Bar
~1 Can of progresso light soup
~Apples & PB

~ 2 pork chops
~ Green Beans
~Broccoli and cheddar (green giant)

~ 1/2 a Snickers (yay for moderation) =D

Starting Weight 230.0
Current Weight 226.6
Total loss/gain   -3.4

In over a months time. Both discouraging & motivating.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day~? I fail miserably.

I feel off the wagon.


Go HERE for a ME fix =D

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