Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2.24.10~ 2 Latte Kind of Day

So I made it to the gym...BUT ten minutes later I LEFT! I had horrible cramps and a huge headache and I was just goofing off, so at the risk of hurting myself I ran away and staright to starbucks where the bf treated me to a latte & oatmeal =D

~ Venti Skinny Hazelnut Latte(3)
~Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal(3)

~ Nutty Bar(2)

~Grilled Cheese( 2 slices of 45 calorie bread + 1 slice of fat free cheese toasted)(2)
~Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding(1)
~Original Lays Potato Chips(5)
~24 Special K Crackers(2) with 1 wedge of laughing cow(1)

~ Hamburger-4oz 80/20 beef(4),1 slice of fat free cheese(1),Sandwich Thin(1) (6)
~1 cup of zucchini in tomato sauce(1)

~Grande Skinny Hazelnut Latte(2)
~ 1 weight watchers peanut butter crunch candy piece(1)

Total Points Used= 29
Total Points Left= 0

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Dani said...

your new header is ADORABLE!


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