Friday, February 19, 2010

2.19.10~ Sweets are my weakness!

Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte(3)
Rasin & Spice Oatmeal(3)

Fun Size Snickers(2)

Smart One- Baked Ziti(5)
100 Calorie Nutty Bar(2)
Light String Cheese(1)

Spaghetti w/ Turkey Sausage- 3oz Spaghetti(4), 2oz Turkey Sausage(2), 1/2 cup light Ragu(1)

6 Special K Multigrain Crackers(1) w/ less than half of Laughing Cow Cheese-(1)
Alternative Onion Bagel(1) w/ 2 tbsp fat free cream cheese(1)

Points Used= 32
Points Left= -3
Weekly Allowance Points Left= 25 of 35 =D

Apparently I had a lil problem with treats today! But whatevs I counted it and I am within my points so BACK OFF! =D

Weigh in is Sunday! aaaaaahhhhh How are you gals/guys doin!?

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