Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Little of This, A Little of That

Hey! I dont really want to log all the crap I ate today!! Lets just say I ate waaaaaaay to much and now my tummy is making me pay for it!!! Was it worth it!?! You betcha lol

Tomorrow is a new day & my 1st day of Weight Watchers! and yes this is my 100th time for those of you rolling your eyes and making fun! I am a weight watchers repeat offender!!! AND!?! Ok moving on, WW is currently offering FREE Registration and I had 12 bucks to spare =D I am so excited to see what I am made of! I am not a big fan of the teacher/leader or my fellow classmates especially the ones that are stick thin and complain about the extra M&M they had! I must look like Orca to them! ahahahah ok enough of that this is about me and not them! I am doing this for ME!

Wish Me LUCK!!! =D

Oh and I want to put up some blog links on my sidebar of ladies who are going through the same weight loss stuff I am. SO if you want to be linked up and given some love email me @ Nicoley2002 at gmail dot com (Ive seen people do this, not sure why but, I wanted to be cool too!! lol)

OK I think I am done. Have a great week everyone! =D


angel6033 said...


Ashley said...

I was a WW gal once too! After I tried to live without their program, I gained 22lbs. Bitches! But now I'm starting the Flat Belly Diet. I'm pretty excited about that :) Once I get rolling on it, maybe you could link me?

A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

You can do it! My mom lost a ton of weight with weight watchers!!!!


lauren-emily said...

i felt the same way about the meetings, so i signed up for the online weight watchers. it's the same thing, (tracking your meals, weighing in) minus the meetings and annoying people. there are tons of message boards for support and some pretty damn good recipes that are like NO POINTS.

good luck in your ww journey :)

lauren-emily said...

by the way if you would like you can link my blog.


Mona said...

So as you can tell I did not read this blog...I was wondering why you had numbers on the side of the things you ate. WW is something I would like to try out. How much is really how much will be coming out of my pocket?

~*Jamie*~ said...

OMG I feel the same way about the WW leaders and members here! I stopped going to meetings because the leader was just a tad too perky and the other people in the class were SUCH Debbie Downers about the 2 extra points they ate. UGH!! Good luck to you!!!! :)


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