Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2.17.10~ I am Getting The Hang Of This!

The thing I LOVE about Weight Watchers is that you can eat ANYTHING you want! As long as you point it! So then you are just left with IS IT WORTH THE POINTS?!? and today my half of a glazed donut was totally worth 3 points!! =D I also am SO excited that I have been in the gym by 5am for the last 3 days in a row! for at the very least 30 minutes YAYA! =D Usually I do Monday, & Tuesday and then I am over it. BUT not this week :o)

~Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte(3)
~Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal w/ brown sugar(3)

~Light String Cheese(1)

(I forgot a pic! But it looks the same as yesterdays except my smart one was a different flavor!)
~Smart One Chicken Alfredo(5)
~Nutty Bar(2)

~1/2 glazed donut(3)

~Chicken Sandwich- Chicken(5) 1/2 Slice of fat free cheese(.5)Avocado(4)Spinach(0)1 tsp fat free mayo(0)Sandwich Thin(1)
~1 c. 98% fat free Baked Beans(2)

Total Points Used= 31.5
Points Left= 0!!
Dipped into 2.5 allowance points
(Out of 35 weekly Ive used 4! So I still have some room for treats =D)


Jennifer Miller said...

you need to teach me your ways.... and I need to get my fat ass to the gym

thanks for getting me in the mood to lose weight...

Oh and how many points for a Sam Adams Coastal Wheat, cause damn this stuff is good.

Nicole said...

2 points hun and looks like it will be worth it to you! ;)

I cant take all the credit for the gym the bf helps wake my ass up! =D

angel6033 said...

that is a pretty cool point system! :)

Amy Silver said...

Just found your blog and I LOVE it! Looking to you for motivation! :)


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