Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2.10.10~ Dont Look!

It wasnt very bright but I HAD to get SOME kind of record! The BF made me breakfast!

~ Eggs (not sure if the were egg sub)
~Lil avocado
~Fat Free Canned Cubed potato thingies(yum)
~Piece of bread with I cant believe its not butter sprays
~ AND of course a Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte

Taco Bell
~ Fresco Bean Burrito
~2 Fresco Soft Tacos

DONT LOOOOOOK!!!!!!!!!!! =(

Clearly I didnt go to the market and my lazy self got the best of me and I ordered pizza!

It was oh so yummy.
~ 3 stuffed crust meat trio slices
~4 bone out honey bbq wings

Tomorrow is another day! =D


angel6033 said...

I know this is probabaly not the right thing to say but YUM!! your dinner looks great! lol. And the bf makes you breakfast? how sweet is that? :)..

Mona said...

It looks really good! I would kill for some chicken wings right now!


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