Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Healthy Chocolate Heaven

From my latest obsession 200 recipes under 200 calories by Hungry Girl I give you


3/4 cup fat-free chocolate ice cream
(1) 25 calorie packet diet hot cocoa mix
1 1/2 tablespoons Hersheys Syrup Lite Chocolate syrup
2 no calorie sweetner packets
2 cups crushed iced (10 to 14 ice cubes)

Fat free reddi whip & cherry


Dissolve Cocoa Mix & Sweetner in 1/4 cup hot water. Mix well.
Add syrup and 3/4 cup cold water and stir
Place crushed ice and ice cream in a blender. Top with liquid mixture.
At low to med speed blend until throughly mixed but not liquefied

Enjoy! =D

Per Serving (24 oz shake) 210 calories, <1g fat, 297mg sodium, 48g carbs, 3g fiber, 25g sugar, 7 g protein

I dont have pics because the BF actually made this one! he even mentioned putting a very small amount of skim milk so it blends easier. I can say it looks exactly like the pic on the recipe card and is REALLY yummy. I couldnt even tell it was all pretty much fat free and low calorie =D

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ooooh...this could be trouble.


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