Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 15~ Soup diet fail.

Yup you read it right! I managed to get through day 1 and I am donzo. BUT I am not discouraged! I went to the gym this morning before work for 45 minutes. I actually loved my workout this morning, I had so much more energy and I was in a great mood for a rainy monday. I would have gone after work for some strength training stuff but I was feeling craptastic with nausea and couldnt stomach it. But tomorrow is another day! =D


~Venti Skinny Hazelnut Latte
~ 2 hard boiled eggs
~ 3/4 oz of cheddar chees
~ 1 packet of saltines (2 crackers)


~Eat Fresh (Subway) BLT on wheat w/ 1 triangle of american cheese and half of a half of avocado.
~ Ms Vickies Jalepeno chips

~ A frakishly thin "managers special" beef steak hamburger type thing with turkey chili no beans and a slice of fat free cheese (which by the way is pretty yummy for 25 calories) on sandwich thins
~ I did put a handful of doritos in a bowl and pour some leftover chili on them, but only ate half <----kudos to me! Its all about moderation nicole! =D


angel6033 said...

hey stick to whatever works girly, if the soup was not it that does not mean the end of you trying, you are better off sticking to something that will keep you at it than something that you will eventually give up on. So happy to see you are still going at it and working out and all.

Tamela said...

That soup didn't look too appetizing. I don't blame you for the soup fail!

Kate said...

Not bad, but more fresh fruit and veg, girlie!

Nicole said...

@ Kate BUT I did!!! On my sandwich lettuce spinach pickles cucumbers & tomatoes =D


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