Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 2~ Better Late Than Never

Exercise? Yes! The BF & I did the exact same thing as Day 1 woke up before the birds and went for a walk. That morning was WAY colder than the previous morning so I just sped up my pace to warm up! Then when we got home we did the only workout dvd we own its a weight watchers Intermediate one & its intense considering I am NO where near Intermediate! But I didnt want to got outside so we did it anyways and let me tell you it was exhausting! I was so sore but it felt good.

Water? Yes! I actually met my goal I set for after Day 1! I had 84oz of water woo freakin hoo!  I think the problem is I drink all my water at work becuase its really close by and FREE and at home I have none! So I fixed that problem and bought some at the store so I would be able to drink it at home as well. The BF is not sold on getting one of those dispensers from arrowhead or sparkletts yet...sigh.

What Was On My Plate?


  • One packet of lower sugar oatmeal raisin & spice and one scrambled egg.
  • A venti SKINNY(sugar free,fat free) hazelnut latte

Midday Snack

  •  (1) pack of sliced apples and Peanut Butter (a very small portion)



  • Smart One~ Ziti Pasta
  • (1) slice of Fat Free cheese in between two slices of wheat bread popped in the toaster oven
  • (1) Apple
  • (1) sugar free cup of chocolate pudding
  • (1) 100 calorie Nutty Bar

No afternoon snack =(


  •  2 wafer thinish pork chops in "pork n bake" a.k.a shake n bake
  • 1 cup of 98% fat free baked beans
  • 1/2 cup of green giants broccoli and cheddar

Evening Snack
  • 2oz of sliced watermelon


 Temptations? Vending Machine. You will probably be seeing this ALOT because its there everyday but today the vending machine in the hallway was calling my name and let me tell you there is nothing healthy in there since the lady who fills it could give a rats a** about calories & fat grams. I walk by this thing many many times and I refrained! But it is there EVERYDAY =( oh well. 



 Goals For Tomorrow? Yes. Eat more fruit & veggies. & think positive thoughts.


Notes/Comments? I am really proud of myself for getting past another day but I cant help but be negative! I keep thinking this is going to take FOREVER! and its HOPELESS. The thoughts are short lived because I keep reminding myself I am working on life long changes and not a quick fix. I am trying to teach my body that we dont need greasy cheeseburgers and fries (even though we do LOVE them) I also need to learn that even though we arent running marathons at least I am moving! and its baby steps!


Anonymous said...

Just saw that you have a new weitht loss/get fit blog.

I wish you both success, you can do it!


Mona said...

Proud of You! You can still have your Starbucks and still be healthy! Only You can do that!! =)

Gabby said...

You should be soooo proud of yourself! You're making changes in your diet AND exercising - that's a lot, woman! You're totally inspiring!

Amy Bear said...

Seeing you eating healthy is soo exciting! I've always wanted to do this, but have always failed! Wish you tons of luck and I'll be following (living vicariously through your blog, hehe)!

Anonymous said...

Good job Micki. When I got back from my surgery I was bigger than I had ever been. I went on a diet as soon as I got back to work and I lost 10 pounds in a month doing the small portions just like you are. I wasn't able to work out yet though because I had just gotten back from having foot surgery but imagine how it could have been if I had been running and hiking like I was doing before my surgery? You can do it!! If I could you definitely can. And great idea about having the blog about it. Then you can't back down because it is known what you are doing. Motivation!!


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