Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 11~ I am ok really I am!

Today was a good day! Maybe not like "diet" wise but I was in a GREAT mood. My work shirt I havent worn in months because it was so snug now fit perfectly! & I loved it. My Non fat caramel macc was made perfectly! Work was good. And when the annoying lady on the road pissed me off after work, it was made all better by my adorably hilarious lil 12 yr old brother! (THANKS BF for my bluetooth!) =D All my bills are paid and this saturday I am joining the Y! (Its fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A!!lol) Anyway lets get down to business!

~ 1 venti non fat caramel macc
~Raisin & Spice oatmeal (labeled lower sugar)

~ 2 fresco(lettuce,meat,and salsa) tacos from taco bell ( I am thinkin now I could have just had 1...note to self for next time)
~1 fresco steak burrito(same as about with steak & beans)

~80/20 hamburger patty on a hamburger bun topped with half a slice of fat free cheese, fat free mayo,mustard,half a small avocado, & ketchup)
~ Teriyaki rice (w/o the "optional" vegetable oil)

~??? But I am a tad hungry! maybe an orange

p.s. no workout or h20. booooooo. but the gym will help out SO much I cant wait(ha. never thought i'd say that!)=D


kellienicole said...

keep it up! you can do it!

here's some advice that worked for me. i tried weight watchers and other dieting... and hated it. i hate counting calories and telling myself i can't eat something. But then I stumbled upon the book Skinny Bitch and became a vegetarian. My mindset totally changed from "I can't eat _____" to "I don't want to eat ________ because I want to take care of my body and be smoking hot!" Anyway, I've been a vegetarian for over a year now and have lost 25 pounds (without increasing my exercise). It helped that I was researching vegetarian recipes and tried to get creative with food like quinoa... it got my mind off of the weight. And I honestly don't crave sweets as much as I used to.

Bottom line: Skinny Bitch is worth a read. It's great motivation! :)

Tamela said...

Congrats on getting to fit perfectly in your shirt. It's great when all that hard work finally starts to show itself. Just think, if I stick to this that shirt actually might become too big!!

angel6033 said...

what a good feeling to fit into an old shirt, you are doing good :) I am glad you had a better day today!!

christianglamgirl said...

When you say no H20 do you mean that you didn't drink any water or just not as much as you would like?


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