Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 3~ Really has it been 3 days already!?

The BF kindly informed me that my format is getting BORING! ::gasps!:: so I am going to try and switch it up a tad. I really want to include my daily meals even if that IS boring because in the future I would like to be able to refer to what works for me & what doesnt and maybe help others get ideas too =D

Now on to Day 3.

After Day 2's workout I was pretty much exhausted and sore. So for Day 3 I didnt workout. I wanted to take a day off anyways because since I am doing the same thing for my workout I knew I was going to start getting bored  and not want to do it at all anymore. As for water I am pretty sure I have this down now, which is a relief because day 1 was discouraging. And now I know I will just keep adding more ounces without a problem.

My Eats

~ (1) packet of raisin & spice oatmeal

~(2) Ham & Cheese whole grain lean pockets
~(1) Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding
~(1) Orange
~(1) 100 calorie Nutty bar

~ 80/20 Ground Beef Hamburger Patty w/ 1 fat free slice of cheese and 1/2 cup of fat free no beans turkey chili on a white bun.
~ Broccoli Cheddar Rice w/o the "optional" tablespoon of butter

Evening Snack
~ The BF cut me up a fruit bowl that consisted of Mango, Apple, & Orange he is pretty much awesome! =0)

I am so excited that this has lasted past Monday! Because normally thats what happens! All weekend I say ok ok monday I will start my diet Monday, and by Tuesday there I am, at a jack in the box drive thru! So I am optimistic about THIS time around = D Over the weekend I am going to go purchase another workout DVD Any suggestions? I've heard alot about Jillians 30 day shred but I am not sure I am ready yet! ha.


Tamela said...

Great work for day three!

I own the shred and let me tell you it will kick your butt. It is a great workout thought. I have made it to day three and then couldn't go anymore. Though every once in a while I will pop it back in.

spanky* said...

Good for you! Don't be ashamed to put it all out there, that kinda sincerity is what makes people root for you.
i've lost almost 40lbs in the last year. i started trying to lose last February and, my main advice is
the first two months totally suck. i'm not going to sugar coat it (plus, sugar coating adds calories!)
the best thing to think about is "as long as you're working at it & making improvements, you're fine".
the worst thing to do is to be too extreme too quickly.
i used to have (on a normal day) a bacon egg & cheese in the am, a chicken parm grinder (or something comparable, like A small pizza!) for lunch, usually with a soda, some giant chicken, steak or pasta meal, usually with loads & loads of sauce for dinner, ice cream or cookies for dessert & i'd snack all day.
As soon as i stopped being that extreme, & gave my stomach time to shrink (about 2 months, sorry, but i'm not going to lie to ya) it was easy to drop the lbs.
i look at photos of me from February & i can't believe it.
Also, having motivation, like buying an expensive dress or pair of jeans in the size you want to be & hanging them up so you see them all the time, will drive you to want to wear them. (don't do this with a bikini or something bc that gives you a too harsh deadline) - jeans are good bc they do NOT lie, if you can't fit, you can't fit. plus, you can wear them year round.
one more thing, once the pounds did drop, i took my ('scuze me) "fat jeans" & hung THEM up in place of the others. that's my motivation to keep slim.

i hope you stick to it! i wish you the best of luck, & i'll be back to read!!!

thanks for the twitter follow!!!

Shelley said...

I love your blog and I like that you write down what you eat! My co-workers and I are on a diet and at lunch we talk about all of our tips for keeping the cravings aside. Its nice to have some one there to talk to which is why I give mad props to your BF as well! Keep it up lady!

Intuition Cell said...

I love your format because it's exactly what I think about all day. I think guys don't realize how much girls obsess over these diet details.

Michelle "Lady Bug" said...

I didn't think your format was boring at all. Again, you go girl! You can do it. Just stay positive.


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