Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 6~ The Picture Edition

I had a good day today. This morning the BF and I got up at 7am and headed out to a park nearby to do some laps, 45 minutes worth, the weather was perfect and there were ducks to keep us entertained. After that we headed to walmart and stocked up on some healthy eats.

Now on to the  pictures! Clearly I had some time on my hands today!

Subway~ 6 inch On wheat with egg whites veggies and avocado YUMMY! Eat Fresh =D


I found this pork @ Walmart and each serving is 1/4 cup and the damage(weight watcher style) is 80 cal 2g fat & 0 Fiber. Since I didnt feel like making a side I had 2! And those sandwich thins are heaven sent! =D


Crust is whole wheat and turkey pepperoni is so good! All from Walmart I love that place!


I also purshased these!

The Shred was on sale for $9!! I couldnt pass it up! But after all the horror stories Ive read in blogland I am VERY afraid! haha. So I'll start on Monday! & if I succeed  it takes me right up to my Laughlin trip on Valentines Day Weekend! =D


Anonymous said...

I can't make the food look that good, or I'll eat way too much!


Tania-Dreams2010 said...

30 day shred is amazing! Good luck on your goals!!

Stocking up on the healthy choices is key, that way that's all thats around for us to eat ahah :)

Dani said...

30 day shred is HARD. But it honest-to-God works, in only 20 minutes! I need to dig mine out....

Beth P. said...

Oh those bread thins things look yummy! I love that Lloyds pork, too. We used to get that, now I make my own - but still, YUM!

Good luck with the shred, I think I am going to jump on that bandwagon too!

angel6033 said...

what kind of horror stories?

Briana said...

I have the biggest loser for the wii. It kicks my butt and I do the easiest, shortest routine.


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