Monday, January 11, 2010

Day~8 Refund Policy?

Morning Walk.Fail.
I am so disappointed in myself. Not walking this morning affected my whole day. I am disappointed that I overslept, didnt exercise, and did not have time to have a proper breakfast.

Water Consumption.Fail.

Because of my late(ness) I forgot my water thermos and didnt think about drinking water until well into my day! so roughly I only consumed 40oz.

30 Day Shred.Fail.

Ten minutes into this god awful workout I realized the following...1) I have no curtains, thanks to my cat, and knowing someone can see me & my ginormous size doing jumping jacks is a horrible feeling I just couldnt handle. 2) I live upstairs and doing said jumping jacks and jump roping is very inconsiderate. SO the BF & I agreed this wouldnt work and we then took ourselves out to walk for awhile. I am sad this it wont work out but its not stopping me! and the fact that I didnt just turn off the dvd and go to bed proves that I am not quitting and I am still motivated!
(whos thinking a 30 day shred giveaway is in order??!!lol)


~Venti Skinny Hazelnut Latte
~Bagel & Cream Cheese <---- see! had I worked out in the a.m I would have had a healthy breakfast and not this! BUT in my defense it could have been a blueberry muffin! haha

Midday Snack

~(1)Light String Cheese


~Tuna noodle smart one
~ 2 slices of wheat bread and 1 slice of fat free cheese slapped together and popped in the toaster oven
~Sugar Free Choc Pudding


~1 piece of skinless boneless chicken breast tossed in a lil shake n bake
~1 small can of peas
~and 1 cup of cheddar broccoli rice (that I am now taking out of my diet upon figuring out it almost 300 cal!)


Either an orange or a bowl of froot loops w/ skim milk for my waists sake I am hoping an orange!!

SO in conclusion today was a bad day. and I felt sucky all day! but its over and I am not going to dwell on it! tomorrow is another day and I will kick its a**!! =D


angel6033 said...

aww, am sorry today wasnet great but i am proud of you for not giving up!!! :)

Mona said...

Your still doing good! Do what I do when I'm not feeling so good...Listen to "I'm bringing Sexy back" by Justin Timberlake!! It always gets me going!! LoL are you kidding I even have a shirt that says "I'm bringing Sexy Back" the only thing is that it has Captain CaveMan on it! Loving it!

Tamela said...

Girl don't feel so bad about the shred. Its a freaking hard workout. I still cringe when I think about putting in the dvd.

You are still doing great! We all have those days when it seems like an epic fail, but it makes us realize why we want to do it even more.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Just start over again right now...not tomorrow...but just now...why not! Hang in there...don't try too much at the same step at a time!

michelle said...

way to stay positive after such a crap day :) good luck tomorrow!


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