Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 17~ Emotional does not equal eat more!

I let my emotions get the best of me last night(tuesday) & I was sad about alot of things. So this morning when it came time to wake up and workout I didnt want too. I needed that extra hour of zzzzz's So the BF got up early and made me breakfast and packed me a healthy lunch. He is the best! =D


~ Alternative Bagel, slice of fat free cheese, and egg
~Venti NonFat Caramel Macc


~ (2) Turkey, Cheddar, Broccoli lean pockets
~Cut up mango, apples, strawberries
~Cherry coke zero <---yummy
~Doritos in moderation! I am pretty sure it was 1 serving


~ 2 Cheese enchiladas
~ Cup of rice
~Cup of beans

~ Diet Hot Chocolate (25 cal)
~ fat free whip (5 cal per tbsp)
~Mexican sweet bread


Tamela said...

That's so sweet of him to pack you a lunch! Kudos!

I didn't know they made diet hot chocolate!

angel6033 said...

ITs hard to stick to healthy stuff when you are feeling down. Good thing the Bf looks after you :)


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