Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 1~ Baby Steps

In an effort to not ramble & get to the point I would like to develop some sort of format to my daily posts. SO please bear with me! =D

Exercise? Yes! The BF & I were up @ 4:40am out of the apt by 4:50 went for a 30 minute walk and got home with time to freshen up make a lunch and have breakfast and be out by 5:50! Whew. Then when we got home we walked to the BF's moms work to pick something up, and that was another 30 minutes of walking! I was so proud of us for not driving over! Yay =)

Water? Its so hard for me to consume large amounts of water that today I really took baby steps. I drank 48oz of water. Its tough not only because it got boring but because it calls for frequent potty trips! and since our bathroom is clear on the other side of the building its time consuming but also allows for more moving around so I guess it can be a good thing. Tomorrow I will start bringing my sugar free flavored packets for my water so I will drink more.

What Was On My Plate?

  • One scrambled egg with a half of a cut up jenny o turkey frank topped with a half a slice of fat free cheese in between to slices of wheat bread
  • A venti SKINNY(sugar free,fat free) hazelnut latte
Midday Snack
  • (1) pack of sliced apples and Peanut Butter (a very small portion)

  • (1) Can of Progresso Light Chicken Noodle soup <---- very yummy pleasantly suprised
  • (1) slice of Fat Free cheese in between two slices of wheat bread popped in the toaster oven
  • (1) Apple
  • (1) sugar free cup of chocolate pudding
  • (1) 100 calorie Nutty Bar
 Afternoon Snack
  • (1) 100 calorie Nutty Bar
  • Tuna Helper w/ I cant believe its not butter & fat free milk
  • (2) Slices of Wheat Bread with a few sprays of I cant believe its not butter
Temptations? Hell.To.The.Yes. For some reason I had it in my head that EVERYONE would be on a diet after new years and not bring yummy treats anymore...WRONG! I was tempted with Chips, 7 layer Dip & Chocolate cake. I am happy to report I passed on both offers! =D

Goals For Tomorrow? Yes. Drink more water & have less bread.

Notes/Comments? Day 1's are both easy and tough for me. Easy because I am always super motivated and pumped up there is NO way I am messing up! But tough because WOW there are a whole lot of temptations & I always get in my head when I walking and say things like "what is a half hour going to do? I might as well have just slept in" or "Maybe I am just too far gone and its hopeless!" BUT luckily I have an incredibly supportive and encouraging BF that gets me back on track! =D Days 2...3...4...5..and so on scare that crap out of me! but I am not going to look that far ahead yet. I am working on one day at a time and baby steps.


Morgan said...

YAY you did so good today, and I'm proud to say I did as well!! So YAY for us! :)

I ~HATE~ plane ol' HAS to have flavor or I wont drink it. Crystal Lite (or light? lol) is the best flavored thing to add to your water in my opinion!
Also, I love the progresso soups also..they have alot of thickness to them (not just broth like alot of soups) and they are low in calories and good for you!

Anyways, Day 1 has been the hardest for me...the fountain drink machine at the convenience store this morning was literally calling my name..ugh!! LOL! Yes, I passed and got a bottle of peach water though! :)

Goodluck on the days ahead of you!

michelle said...

sounds like you are off to a great start. walking definitely helps. i play with my wii to keep me "in shape" lol

keep it up! :)

Mona said...

Drinking water gets easier by the day. I didn't like doing it either but the more I did it...the better it got. I need to drink it iced cold! Try it with lemon. As you go on drinking water as the time goes will have to go to the potty less.

Keely said...

Hey Nicole, I saw your blog on the Weigh-Loss Buddies group at 20something bloggers! I like the format, it'll be easy for you to keep track that way. I agree, those Progresso soups are actually pretty good. Looks like a great first day :)

The Savvy Soybean said...

I like your blog, good for you!! Lemon water works wonders. Eat as much raw food as possible, too.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Micki, I started a 3 day fruit diet yesterday and so far I'm doing okay. But I know what you mean with the temptations. Remember I work at a grocery store.

Tamela said...

Wow you did great on your first day!!! I don't think I could drag myself up that early to go walking in this super freezing weather we are having. I did manage to get on the elliptical for oh about 15 mins total yesterday! Breaking in a new machine is hard work! lol.

Good for you for avoiding your temptations! That chocolate cake would have had me!

Good luck on your water goal for tomorrow. Those flavor packets will help a lot.

Kandi said...

Hi!! I got your link from 20sb! I did a little touch of body building and i am working on getting that lean fit body back too. the best advice i got and can give is that water is most important! you need .5-1oz of water per body pound! it is a lot but you will notice a diffrence if you actually get that much. :)

Nikolett said...

Wow, that's a ton of walking :) This blog is really amazing and inspiring -- I want to get back into shape, so hopefully we can both motivate each other to drink water ... that seems to be my #1 nemesis haha.

Anonymous said...

This will work for you both. A consequence is you will trade exercise time for late night television. It's a good trade!


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