Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 12~ Lesson Learned.

Carly @ a girl and her blog wrote a beautifuly honest post she called "The Fat Rant" and the questions she posed were Who are we dieting for? Society? a guy?  & Do you love yourself? and I just wanted to answer those questions, I do LOVE myself, believe me I do. I am dieting to fit into my clothes, I am dieting to be healthier, and honestly if you must know I want a baby(not ASAP but before I am 28!) and I want/need to be in shape to conceive & carry a healthy baby and to raise one! & for the record I would NEVER diet for a guy! My BF loves every inch of me just the way I am, and if he didnt he knows where to find the door, I am losing weight for me and no one else. What about you? =D

Breakfast= Baaaaaad =(

~Venti Skinny Hazelnut Latte
~Bagel & Cream Cheese
~Chocolate bar donut (in my defense the box was labeled "cooked light and non greasy!)


~ I ordered a grilled chicken salad BUT I got a greek chicken salad and hated everything in it! SO I only ate the lettuce, tomato,grilled chicken, and 4 triangled pitas & a diet coke

~(4) fries and (1) piece of fried zucchini (apparently I have no self control) =(


Nothing. Because all of the previous things I ate my stomach did not approve of! and lets just say it got UGLY!

After I was feeling better I had a bowl of lucky charms with skim milk & one slice of wheat bread with a lil peanut butter.

No workout & No H20 (yes no h20 means absolutely NO water, horrible right??)


Mona said...

Lets just say the same reason why your trying to get in shape is also my same reason...So you stay strong and so will I. Good Luck!

angel6033 said...

oh, how cute are you talkinga bout babies!! Lol I totaly agree like 100% I often think about my future and kids and I need to loose weight in order to have a healthy baby, and a better chance at actually concieveing. Now that I know your reason I want to see you succeed more than ever before!!! :)

Tamela said...

I am loosing weight to feel better about myself, be healthier and look damn good in my dress for the cruise! Damn Good!


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