Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 10~ In a funk.

No Workout (due to rain! I know pathetic excuse!)
No h2o! (I forgot my water thermos another lamo excuse)


~ 2 mini rice krispies
~2 Airheads


~Chicken Alfredo Lean Cuisine
~Sugar free choc pudding
~(2) string cheeses (light)


~ Spaghetti (witha cut up turkey sausage link & pasta thats supposed to be healthy its in a purple box with low cal & fat!)
~ 2 pieces of wheat bread with a few sprays of I cant believe its not butter.

I am not doing god awful but I am not doing my best! I'll get it back dont worry! =D


Dani said...

Everyone has funks. In fact, you will have many days like this! But it's all about sticking with it and NOT giving up. You will have bad days (days way worse than forgetting your water. I'm talking eat-four-pieces-of-chocolate-cake-plus-a-margarita-as-big-as-your-head days.) Just keep plugging along. You are still off to a great start! WooHoo!

Tamela said...

You're still watching what you eat which means that you haven't given up yet! Its hard to find motivation to exercise. My excuse has been that I've been sick. But now its right back to it tonight since I am feeling better.


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