Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3.2.10~ B.O.R.E.D

I am bored with this! I eat the SAME thing all the time and its boring. I am too lazy to go to the gym, and I am too lazy to try to cook other stuff! I am in a rut. I am not cheating I am just going through the motions. Does anyone have any workout music suggestions my playlist blows! I like pretty much anything. I just need something to get me moving! Also does anyone have any quick tasty NEW meal ideas!? I NEED HELP bloggy support people!


~ Egg Sandwich(3)
~Venti Skinny Hazelnut Latte(3)

~Smart One(5)
~Sugar Free Chocolate puddin(1)
~Light String Cheese(1)
~Quaker Caramel Rice Cakes(2)
~WW Brownie(2)

~ Special K Crackers(1), laughing cow swiss cheese(1)

~Chicken Sandwich(5)
~Brocc & Cheese Rice(3)

~Nutty Bar(2)

Points Used=29
Points Left=0


lauren-emily said...

i had the same problem when i first started it. Can you access weight watchers online? they have TONS of recipes, and a lot of super quick ones. I've made chicken fajitas, pizzas, this amazing pasta dish all kinds of stuff. The website has the recipe, points for the recipe and all ingredients you need. If you can't check it out I could send you some of the ones I enjoyed. Just let me know :)

Tamela said...

A few songs on my workout play list are:

Single Ladies by Beyonce
Pokerface by Lady Gaga

Anonymous said...

Any Lady GaGa, she gets my butt moving!!! I also enjoy Brittney and Christina A. "fighter" is what I put on when I need that extra push. Because we are fighters and we can make it throught the next 3.5 minutes!!!


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