Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Refuse!

To see another person become skinny right before my eyes!! One of my lovely co workers has taken up going to the gym! And while I am extremely proud of her, I refuse to see her slim down without me! I know it sounds harsh and its not a competition but this is starting to SUCK! But at the same time its motivating :)

Today I did the same as yesterday, 2 slimfasts several 100 cal packs throughout the day and sushi for dinner. I did only have 1 diet soda but my H2O intake sucked! I keep forgetting my darn flavor packets for the water! I will not forget, I will not forget! Towards the end of the day I was craving PIZZA! Like loaded with cheese and grease kind! Luckily the bf talked me out of it! It was tough to fight! Thanks BF :)

I really need to get to the gym! After I get back from Vegas I will make that a weekly mini goal! Working out makes me feel like I am accomplishing more.



Ashley said...

I feel your pain. Honestly I do but I'm going to be frank with you. If you want, get up and get it. For so long now I've complained to my husband about my weight and Lord knows he's tired of hearing about it. So, finally, I got up and started doing something about it. Have you looked into something like Zumba? It's a dance class that they offer at a lot of gyms. Totally fun and I think it would fit your personality. Basically you dance for an hour or so. You don't even realize that that length of time has gone by nor that you're sweating ridiculously. I love it. It's something that I look forward to every week and rejumpstarts my motivation.

The Non-Student said...

I love watching my guilty pleasure TV shows on my iPod when I go to the gym. I don't let myself watch them unless I'm on the treadmill or elliptical. It makes it more fun, and I look forward to it more that way! And for me at least, I find going to the gym helps with eating better because my body craves the good stuff, and I don't want to sabotage my good work.

And if you want pizza, learn to eat it in a more healthy way. I love putting some sauce and cheese on a ciabatta roll or pita. It's ok to listen to your cravings sometimes! But other times it's good to have a distraction.

Mona said...

Why don't you and your co-worker put some money up! My sister and her co-workers all did that. After about 3 months, whoever lost the most weight got the money. Not only are you loosing weight but you will have money to buy new clothes after!

MochaGirl26 said...

You can do it!! I applaud your efforts to drop the pounds. I keep meaning to start, but honestly... I'm eating cheesy lasagna and lemon cake as I write this. Maybe reading about you can motivate me to ignore the hungry, hungry hippo inside.

Mona's idea is a good one. My friends each put in $10 and the person who lost the most at the end of 5 months got to keep it all!


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