Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Should Be Gettting Paid For This

Now before I ramble on about the greatness that is Weight Watchers Online, Let me just say I am NOT in any way shape or form getting rewarded for this by ANYONE. (Although its totally welcomed) With that being said this program is pretty much awesome! There are very few negatives and don't worry I'll get there :)

~ I can track my points right on my blackberry. This feature also comes on iphones and I think any smart phone that has windows....I think.

~ With said feature I can also look up food values, recipes AND if I absolutely must go that route I can look up Fast Food!!

~ And the last thing about above mentioned is that it also has the points calculator! So need to pull out that sliding contraption or the bulky calculator that you have to whip out at that grocery store and let everyone know you are on the program!

~ The savings! There is a special right now that bundles 3 months. The initial is a bit pricey but like I said it covers 3 months and there after is a way cheaper than what you pay monthly in person.

~ The support, the tips, the encouragement! All helpful tools to succeed.

The Negative

~ Its 100% online! There is no accountability, Its ALL YOU. You don't go to meetings to chat, and weigh in. BUT for me this is a POSITIVE. I rarely like the leaders because they get a bit condescending and half the time they can't get the group interested enough to even talk! AND I get discouraged when I see skinny skinny girls crying that they're fat when they barely make the medical cut off to be in the program! Really!? Bite me! I think they go in there to see big girls like me to make themselves feel better! But that just me :)

~ The only other "negative" is the scale! I love the accuracy of their scale but if you invest in a legit scale than you shouldn't have a problem! My scale was a lil over $40 and is very accurate! I step on it 101 times on weigh in day and its the same EVERY time. I don't know the brand but its a glass biggest loser one.

So there you have it!! Bottom line I love it! The online program is insanely easy and convenient! I highly recommend it!


Anonymous said...

I'm lovingggg WW. I think I need the meeting support, at least for now. I'm definitely not ready to do this on my own, I need that accountability!

Vaia said...

Love the pros and cons you wrote - it's always so good to put things in perspective - great job!!

life with a smile said...

I recently joined Weight Watchers online and am loving it as much as you are, and blogging about it also.
Best of luck in your journey!
I'll be following along now!


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