Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Again!?

Today I had a bit much to eat BUT it was all within my points with a lil allowance points and its ALL good! I cant tell you how unbelievably excited I am to be loosing this weight! FINALLY I feel motivated and happy to be doing this. I am so grateful for the support I get on here, the encouraging emails always make me tear up! Thank you so much!

I still need to get myself in the gym!! My excuses are never ending! Maybe once they debit my membership fees, I will cry and see I am just giving my $$ away if I dont use it!!? =D

Mon, Jun 14, 2010 
Food Tracker  Daily Target: 30    POINTS® values      

1 medium orange(s) 1       
1 serving(s) Sugar Free Maple & Brown sugar Oatmeal 2       
1 serving(s) Venti Skinny Hazelnut Latte 3         

Healthy Choice Cafe Steamer Chicken - Quick added food 6       
1 serving(s) Fat Free Chocolate Pudding 1       
1 piece(s) Light string cheese 1       
1 serving(s) Sugar Free Chocolate Cookies 1       

1 serving(s) 1/2 cup Pinto Beans 1       
1 serving(s) 2 whole wheat tortillas 3       
1 serving(s) 4oz 93/7 ground beef 4       
1 serving(s) 2 tbsp fat free sour cream 1       

1 piece(s) Light string cheese 1       
1 serving(s) Jamba Juice~Mega Mango 22oz 6       
1 serving(s) Skinny Cow Vanilla 2       

Used today 33   +Weekly POINTS Allow. Used 3   

Today remaining: 0

1 comment:

butterfly11780 said...

Just wanted to say I am a fellow weight watcher and have been doing it for 16 weeks. Love love the program! Looks like you are doing great with it as well!


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